Quality of Life Update for Markd Aug 2019

We made a list of smaller improvements and bug fixes last week alongside our big Google Contacts import update! ;-)

  • Merging: merging marks now include all notes on the activity timeline
  • Merging: merging now includes all custom fields
  • Welcome page: after installing the extension, the how-to page will be open to show
  • Extension: the extension now works with the new Twitter UI
  • Extension: on LinkedIn, the extension now add text in both the headline and the about section on a profile to the Description field.
  • Extension: the extension now disregards any non-alphabetic characters in the name field when getting that information from the web page (ex. Twitter)
  • Extension: social buttons for sharing the tool to people you think might find Markd useful ;)
  • Extension: Feedback and review buttons added
  • Timeline Notes: Editing these note now opens up the text field just like it would with new notes
  • Mobile UI: tweaks to make app.markd.co more usable on mobile, particularly for the timeline notes
  • Custom Fields: We re-worked how custom fields are done, and now they are defined inline on the mark, instead of having you create a new definition before using them. (There’s quite a bit more to this. If you are interested in the why, read Mike’s post here)
  • Bug fix: support link now goes to the right page
  • Bug fix: remove case-sensitivity for email logins
  • Bug fix: links without https:// or http:// now opens up to the right pages

As always, feel free to email me brandon[at]markd.co if you have any feedback, or leave your feedback and comments on our feedback page. Thanks again!