Adding Meeting Notes to a Person on the Activity Timeline

Making Meeting Notes Quick to Add and Easy to Find

How do you take notes after a meeting? I often want a way to have notes organised by the person I am speaking to while taking notes so I can quickly refer back to previous conversations and remember details about them.

So we are designing notes on Markd a bit differently. Notes exist on a time-line, are quick to add, and instantly searchable. We wanted it to feel fast and easy, and you can find the relevant information or get a summary of a person on the same page.

This feature is now live on Markd!

Notes is the first type of information we are adding to this Activity area. We have other ideas on what other types of temporal information we should add here to help you continue to add information to a person as you build your relationships.

See below for a quick overview of this new feature:

Give it a go and let us know your thoughts in the comments area below or click on that feedback button!