Markd V3 Release Notes

New Design!

Markd 3 is Here!

Markd started out as an internal tool, and its design had always been very basic. Many of you have told us you wanted a better design - an environment where you’d enjoy working in. So at long last, we re-designed the site!

We wanted to make something that’s in line with our core values - speed, simplicity, and fun. So we partnered with Emmy and BAFTA winning designer/illustrator Alan Macfarlane to create a design that is, we hope, welcoming, intuitive, and pleasant. (Remember to save him on Markd for when you need a brilliant artist.)

Markd V3 Screenshot

Feature Updates

Alongside a new design, we’ve also made a whole lot of changes and updates to Markd. A faster and more secure backend, new ways to add marks, automatic saving, and more direct ways for us to respond to feedback and support.

  • A complete re-design of the site, extension, and logo
  • New feature to add marks directly on the website without using the extension
  • Ability to upload and replace profile images and reference images for marks
  • Profile image for the user
  • New homepage, resources, and FAQ pages
  • Flip preview on marks on the dashboard
  • New options for sorting marks (dates, alphabets, reverse order)
  • Support button to chat with the Markd team directly on the site
  • New on-boarding tutorials
  • New controls for adding to lists (from List page)
  • Better tag suggestion input
  • Auto-saving of marks when editing them
  • Tag based searching by clicking tags in marks view
  • Search for lists
  • Direct mark search from the mark page
  • Completely rewritten backend based on GraphQL, Node and MongoDB (technical write-up to follow)
  • Much faster performance with lower resource usage
  • Lower bandwidth requirements thanks to GraphQL data selection
  • Potential future live syncing possibilities via GraphQL subscriptions
  • Better caching potential via Apollo Client
  • More security thanks to having a Type Safe API
  • Modern base with which to build the next set of complex features on 😉

Go to and have a spin! Let us know your feedback on the feedback page or email me directly at I look forward to hearing from you soon!