Quality of Life Updates, 18 March 2019

We made a list of smaller improvements and bug fixes last week. Some are tweaks to how tags work in the extension and dashboard to accommodate how you might use the new tag suggestions feature, others are bug fixes and a long overdue domain tweak to password reset.

Quality of Life Updates

See the list of quality of life updates below:

  • Password Reset: password reset page now uses markd.co domain
  • Password Reset: after a password is reset, the user is re-directed to the login page
  • Password Reset: fixed a bug that prevents the system from recognising certain email addresses
  • List: when a new list is created while marks are selected, the selected marks are added to the new list without having to click on the Add button
  • List: list now prevents accidental new lists being created with empty list names
  • Tag: pressing the Enter key when a suggested tag is highlighted with the arrow key will now add the suggested tag instead of what’s typed in the tag field
  • Tag: the last tag that’s typed in the tag field is automatically saved without the user having to press the Enter key when they click away from or tap out of the tag field
  • Page: page title now updates when navigating between pages to show the current title
  • Back button: back button should now return you to the marks page if you enter a mark page via the extension

As always, please feel free to leave your feedback and comments below so we can make Markd a personal CRM tool that works best for you!