tag suggestions


Tags are Important

Tags are an integral part of personal CRM tools like Markd. It is a way for us to stay organised with the people we saved to our Markd accounts. Because one person can have more than one tag, I use tags for many different types of categorisations. Some of these categorisations are skill based (ex. python, unity shader, illustrator, ux design), some are location based (ex. Cambridge, Seattle), while some are connection based (ex. friend of friends, family, classmate, referral).

Which Tags Have I Used?

Which also means I use A LOT of tags. And sometimes, I don’t remember what tags I’ve used for the same purpose. I could have used “UX” or “User Experience”, “gamedev” or “game developer”, “2D artist” or “illustrator”. And of course the big debate - did I use a plural or sigular form of a particular tag? It was hard to keep tap of what tags I’ve used.

Many of our users share the same pain. Having to mentally remember what tags we’ve used kind of defeats the purpose of using a tool to remember and organise contacts.

Tag suggestions

So we have implemented tag suggestions to both the dashboard and the browser extension. You will see it when you click on the tags field - a popup will open to show you recent tags you’ve used, alongside the number of marks with that tag. When you start typing, the popup will search your existing tags and suggest ones that you might be looking for.

This should help us be more tidy-minded with our tags. Give it a try on the new extension and the dashboard, and I hope all your tags can now spark joy!


(If you are not seeing tag suggestions on the extension yet, wait a couple of hours for the extension to update on your browser - this feature is added on version 3.2.141.)