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The ability to group people into lists on Markd is a feature often requested. I am glad to say that we have now added this and it’s live!

Why Lists?

With Markd, you have the ability to provide context around people from across the web with tags, personal notes, and reference images. It’s a good way to stay organised, and with the search, you can quickly find these people when you need to.

On the other hand, we recognised there is a need to have a different way of organising people. One that’s less about the individuals and their attributes, but more about what you are working on - a purpose-driven organisation.

For example, let’s say you are putting together a new boy band. You need someone who can dance, someone who can sing, someone who can play the guitar, and someone funny. You have many talented performers saved to your Markd account already. You can now create a list, Boy Band’19 Candidates, and go through your marks to start adding talents to this new list.

unsplash-logoVidar Nordli-Mathisen

Individually, these people would have very different tags - vocalists, modern dance, comedy…etc. But with a list, you can group people of very different attributes and meta-data together.

A mark can also exist in multiple lists. So when you want to start a second boy band next year, you can add some of the same candidates to another list, Boy Band’20 Candidates, and this will not affect their marks nor the other lists they might be on.


A logical question for us after the ability to add marks to lists is how we can make this sharable, so if you are working with a PR agency on the launch of your new boy band, you can get their opinions on the candidates.

Collaboration and sharing is a big topic that we have been thinking about. I hope we have more to share with you soon!

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