Login with Google

One of the most common feedback we’ve received is on the way logging into Markd was done. You had to login once on the extension, then one more time on markd.co when you want to see your marks. 

It was cumbersome and confusing. Filling out the username and password fields on the browser extension was not the best experience either since you can’t use password managers. 

Which is why in the latest update we added two things. 1. unified login and 2. login with Google.

Unified Login

Having to login twice to use Markd was not ideal. When we observe how people sign up and use Markd for the first time, more often than not people get stuck on logging in. It takes a few minutes before people realise that you need to log in separately - and this can be quite frustrating. 

In the latest update, logging in now takes place only on the website and the extension knows when you are logged in. 

When you are not logged in, the button will also be greyed out to let you know that you need to login before any new marks can be created with the browser button. 

Login with Google

To make signing up for and logging into Markd simpler, we’ve added Google Login! Now with a couple of clicks, you can create a Markd account with your Google account, and login quickly. No more entering passwords! 

Integration with Google makes sense to us because the Markd extension is integrated into Google Chrome. We have other ideas on how we can be further integrated into the Google ecosystem to make life easier when it comes to managing contacts and people. Let us know if you have any suggestions any time by leaving a comment or emailing us at brandon[at]markd.co!

(Google M&M photo by lalo Hernandez on Unsplash)