Are you a job recruiter or headhunter?

We’ve had great feedback on our free tool, Markd, from recruiters, HR managers and other professionals looking to hire.

Here’s how you can use Markd to research, shortlist and reach out to your next big hire!

1. Create a free Markd account

2. Install the Browser extension

3. Simply click on the Markd button on your browser (next to the URL/address field) when you find someone online you want to remember

The extension will try to fill in information on the person automatically from any info that is on the page. You can also type in your own notes. Markd will also scan the page for images that you can select to use as profile or reference images, or you can choose to add your own.

All of your ‘Marks’ are searchable, so if you’re looking for a 3D Designer, simply use the ‘Search Marks’ feature to type in your keywords:

… and all of your saved Marks will appear.

You can add in contact information to their profiles if you wish, so that when the time comes to reach out to them, the task is a cinch. And don’t worry - all of the info and data in your account is private and not visible to anyone else.