Find Great Creative Talent

As you would imagine a creative agency would, Pepwuper works on a variety of cool-sounding projects. Sometimes they sound boring, too, but the point is that there is a lot of variety.

Whether Pepwuper are making a plugin for a publisher or an app for Alicia Keys, the changing scope and number of projects means that the team is ever evolving.

Note: This is not the real Pepwuper team. It’s a hipster image found on Unsplash that we thought looked good.

And lots of cool projects means that there is a constant need to research and bookmark great people who can join the team for both internal and client work.

Finding and reaching out to people who are incredibly good at what they do, be it pixel artists, illustrators, plugin developers, animators, or sound producers, is a full time job though!

Brandon, the studio owner, used to spend hours digging through Behance, GitHub, DeviantArt, Twitter, Linkedin… etc. looking at portfolios and then learning more about the artist or developer.

Note: again not actual Brandon here. His arms are much less hairy than this.

Brandon says that researching talent is “a fun, inspiring task”, but that, unfortunately, the job of tracking and organising all of this information became really time-zapping.

The more his list grew - and yes, it was a list in the form of a gasp spreadsheet - the less organised he felt.

And that’s where the free bookmarking tool Markd comes in. Which, incidentally, Studio Pepwuper built themselves - and now use to overcome the tedious task of tracking and organising people! #fullcircle #happyending

Markd is a really simple tool - a browser plugin - that allows you to mark people into a “book of interesting people”, no matter which site you find them on. You can add in an image/description or use the one that is automatically filled out by the plugin. You can save reference images. And you can search for people you’ve bookmarked in the past really easily using the search function.

It’s perfect for creative teams and agencies. It’s free. It will save you time so that you can totally go and get a coffee and then mess around on Reddit for a bit.